Kids First Corporation, NFP was created as a non for profit organization to provide youth football and cheerleading for children from this community and surrounding communities.
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Manhattan, IL
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Patriots 2018 Patriots Flag Football Info

Our Patriots Flag Football season runs from late-July/early-August till mid-September. We have an in house program that plays other Manhattan Patriots Flag Teams. We follow a 5 on 5 format that ensures plenty of participation from all members on the team. We currently take players aged 5-7 with 7/31 being the cut-off date. Our practices are 1 day a week with the exception of the first two weeks in which we have 2 practices per week. Practices will be held on Thursdays evenings as they were previous seasons. Games will be held on Saturday and Sunday late mornings this season again as well and we will still try as last year to get the games on the Lincoln Way West/Central Fields prior to our tackle games if available. All practices are at Manhattan Jr High. Our final tournament is held at Lincoln Way West at the end of the season and has proven to be a great experience for all who participate and attend. The exact schedule will be out in late June/July depending on how many participants we get and how many teams we can field.


Players receive a personalized jersey that they keep. 


The fees are $100.00 for the season. That covers everything. There is also a small fundraiser.