Kids First Corporation, NFP was created as a non for profit organization to provide youth football and cheerleading for children from this community and surrounding communities.
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Manhattan, IL
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2018 Manhattan Patriots Tackle Football Info
Our season will start in late July. We practice 5 evenings a week for the first 3-4 weeks and then will go down to 3 nights (Tues, Wed, and Thurs) when school starts. Practice times are 5:30PM to 7:30PM. We regularly practice at Manhattan Jr High. We have eight games that usually start on the second weekend of August. The schedule will be out in late May/June. The boys have the opportunity to qualify for playoffs and can play till the first week of November if they make it to the Superbowl, as we were fortunate enough to in the past. We also participate in Wednesday Night games during the season for developmental purposes for SLW/LW/JV only. This starts also in August but only runs till October against very local teams. For our scheduled home games we always try to get our games on Saturdays, but there will be a few Sundays. We will play all our home games at LW West or Central this season, as we are excited to get our players on a field that they will most likely be continuing on in high school. 

As a note on Friday Practices, last year we move our practice days after the 3rd week of practice to Tues/Wed/Thurs with a possible SHORT Saturday walk through. We eliminated Fridays a few years ago. This worked out very well and we were able to promote the attendance at high school games. We’re doing this because we want them at THEIR high school football games on Friday night. We want them (AND YOU) to be fans of the high school they are going to now, not just when they get there! We always work with local high school coaching staffs, to get any special privileges we can get, take advantage of any opportunity that may exist, and to just get the coaches acclimated with our players

Registrations are as follows:

$225.00 Registration Fee for 1st child, $200.00 for 2nd, and $175.00 for 3rd –

Alumni Players get a $25.00 Discount off of above pricing.


FOR FOOTBALL - Includes all equipment needed except (Girdle/Mouthpiece/Socks/Cleats).

ALSO FOR FOOTBALL - $65.00 New Jersey - This is your sons to keep. He can usually get three to four years out of it. It has his name on the back. We are changing our design for 2018 as the old jerseys are no longer available.

$110.00 Fundraiser Check - This is a prepaid fundraiser. You get 22 tickets to sell at $5.00 Ea. When you sell them you keep the money! Fundraiser tickets will be distributed at weigh ins on May21/22

The last 2 checks we ask for is a parent participation/equipment return check. This is postdated to 10/31/2018. You get this exact check returned if you complete your three credits of volunteer work (Concessions/Clean-Up/Stadium Monitor/Etc.) and return the equipment. The amount is $150.00 for participation and $150.00 for the equipment. We will require these checks prior to equipment handouts.

In the past we have had a Football Order Form that we handed out that provided some things that we don’t provide at equipment handouts for your son to play tackle football. As the sources for these items have grown from sports stores and online stores, we have decided to eliminate the forms and let our players get the items on their own. We were not effectively able to offer the discounts needed as the quantities dwindled. So we will provide everything your child needs to play except……Football Girdle (Under Garment with Pads), Football Cleats, Navy Socks, & Mouthpieces.

Also we will pass along dates for High School Camps that are available for your son’s that are starting in the summer and need to be registered for. These are not mandatory, but we can’t stress enough to get your son to the high school camps that apply to them. If they are going to LW Schools then please try to get them to the LW camps. If they are going to Providence then get them to Providence camps. Start building that relationship with those coaches now. Don’t wait till they are incoming freshman. The same applies to any lower grades and levels. Get them involved and comfortable with that school now, and their transition to high school will be much easier and less intimidating. The local coaching staffs and especially the head coaches are big supporters of the youth programs and are very interested in seeing your kids. They have really been working hard to get involved with our program, so use that as a stepping stone for your son.