About us

Our Mission

MPF&C, NFP was created as a non for profit organization to provide youth football and cheerleading for children from this community and surrounding communities. Our goals are to teach the virtues of teamwork, respect, commitment, strong work ethics, and other important values, along with helping these youths becoming young men and women in the process. We feel the foundation of any good youth program should be kids first! These children are our future and caretakers of all we as parents are building today. Therefore MPF&C truly believes that the kids should come first in any youth program that we provide.

MPF&C CorporationĀ is proud to provide The Manhattan Patriots Football and Cheerleading Program to the community of Manhattan. All decisions made by MPF&C Corporation will be based solely on the success of the Manhattan Patriot Program and all of its members past, present, and future. We hope to make improvements yearly that the entire community and the members of the Manhattan Patriots family can rally behind. We are excited about the challenge of making this program one of the best if not the best youth program in the area.

Our goals are to develop the values in children that any good organized sport would provide. Our program plans on teaching our children more than just football and cheerleading. We hope to develop an atmosphere that will enhance a sound body and mind, while getting children the exercise they need as well as having fun along the way. We also plan on providing a program that safety is a number one concern, along with winning and having fun being second. We are committed to providing the children with the proper equipment and instruction necessary to ensure safety. We are also committed to promote good sportsmanship, and respect most youths will be able to carry with them to adulthood.

We would like to reiterate that our youth program is for the children. And the Manhattan Patriots Organization will keep their interests in mind. And in doing so, we would like the continued support of the Manhattan Community.


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