Hello Patriot families 🎗️
If you are not aware we have a family in our community that needs our support. Brendan is a Manhattan kid who is just 4 years old with brain cancer. Unfortunately, the family has received devastating news and Brendan’s time is limited.
We have our first home game on August 20th and the Patriots program purchased gold bows for our girls to wear and gold arm bands for our boys. Also, Fans are welcome to show their support by wearing yellow.
We will show our support with a donation area for the family where you can receive a handmade bracelet from the cheerleaders. Thank you to our Cheer Director, Nicole Klaric, for coordinating.
On many of the levels the Cheerleaders have shown support and started to raise money. They have made some great bracelets you will love for any donation amount.
The cheerleaders were gifted gold shirts from our Sponsor, US Overhead Doors, to wear to the game that say Patriots Love Brendan from a cheer parent. ❤️🤍💙
Thank you so much! ❤️🤍💙

2023 Scholarship Winners

The Manhattan Patriots Rich Wilkey Memorial Scholarship

We are proud to announce the first winners of The Manhattan Patriots Rich Wilkey Memorial Scholarship: Garrett Konopack, Mickey Ceh, Deven Darlinger, and Aubrey Lenard.

These 4 individuals were with our cheer and football programs for many years and continued to give back as coaches and volunteers at the home games all throughout high school. They have been exceptional role models for our younger athletes. We are extremely proud of them and excited to watch them grow and thrive in college. Congratulations to all.