2022 Cheerleading Info

Welcome! We are looking forward to our 2022 season and we hope to have your athlete be a part of our program. Our cheer program is designed to provide a positive learning environment that focuses on having fun, building self-esteem, and learning teamwork while safely gaining cheerleading skills to propel our athletes to the next level.


Levels of Cheer

Our cheer program is open for athletes from Kindergarten through 8th grade; this is based off of the grade they are entering into in the Fall of 2022. A maximum of 3 school grades may be combined to form a team.


Sideline and Competition Cheer

Patriot Cheerleaders are STRONGLY encouraged to do both the sideline and competition elements of our cheer program; however, we understand that this is not always feasible. Please note if you do decide to only do sideline, your practices will be much more limited compared to the competition practices. Unfortunately, kindergarteners are not allowed to cheer due to ICA ruling which is out of our control as a program.



  • Sideline Cheer

    • SLW will be sideline only.

    • Sideline cheerleaders should expect to practice 3 times a week from mid/late July through August. When school starts, practices will go down to 1 practice a week from 6-7.

    • Practice for the sidelines team will be outdoors at Manhattan Junior High.

    • Competition Cheer

      • Practices will be 3 days a week - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - from mid/late July through the first week of December (provided teams qualify for the State Competition).

      • Practice from mid/late July through August will be outdoors from 6-8 at Manhattan Junior High.

      • Starting September 1st, practices will move indoors from 6:30-8 (LW, JV) and 7-9 (V) and will be hosted at either Manhattan Junior High or Wilson Creek. A few select practices may be hosted at Lincoln-Way West High School due to camps and choreography.

      • There will occasionally be practice days added on an as needed basis.



  • We host our home games at Lincoln-Way West High School.

  • Each team will cheer 8 games throughout the season with the first game being in early August. Our official schedule will be released to us in June and the website will be updated to reflect the accurate game locations, dates, and times.

  • As for Labor Day, we do typically take the weekend off of games; however, in case there is a rained out game prior to Labor Day, we will use this weekend to make up for that rained out game.

  • Our cheerleaders do cheer at all games provided it does not interfere with a competition.


  • At the end of the regular season, we will start playoffs with hopes of making it all the way to the Super Bowl, which is typically at the end of October.

  • Due to the nature of playoffs, we will not know dates and times of our games until the Monday/Tuesday leading into the week of the game.

  • Our cheerleaders do cheer at all playoff games provided it does not interfere with a competition.


  • Our competition teams will partake in three competitions through September, October, and November with the opportunity to compete in the State Competition which is usually hosted the first weekend of December.

  • All athletes are expected to be at all competitions and practices the week of competition.

  • Cheerleaders will have an additional camp and choreography.


Due at Time of Registration

$250 Registration Fee

  • $25 Returning Player discount

  • $25 Patriot Bucks for each additional sibling. These will be distributed to families at fitting. This may be used on any Patriot purchase - including spirit wear.


$150 Raffle Fundraiser Fee

  • This is PER CHILD - not per family.

  • You pay for the raffle tickets upfront and then you can sell the tickets to recoup your money.

  • When you sell the tickets, the only thing you need to turn in to your Team Mom the week leading up to Homecoming is the sold ticket stubs.

  • The Raffle will be conducted during the Homecoming Game. Winners need not be present.


Check Deposits Due at Fitting - Post Date for October 31, 2022

$350 for Uniform Deposit

  • This check will NOT be cashed if the full uniform is returned at the end of the season.

  • In the case where the full uniform has not been returned, this check will be cashed.


$250 for Parent Participation

  • This is PER FAMILY - not per child.

  • This check will be cashed if your family does not complete your 3 SHIFTS of volunteer work. Please note, these are shifts, not hours.


$155 State Competition Fee Per Athlete

  • This is not cashed unless athlete’s team qualifies for State

  • Individual fundraiser to help supplement this cost will be put in place during the season

Extra Equipment/Fees to Purchase at Fitting if needed

These items may be purchased at fittings provided the athlete does not have them from the previous year.

  • $25 – Cheer Bow (Same bow as 2021 season)

  • $55 – Warm Up Jacket (Same jacket as 2021 season)

  • $20 – Team Practice Shirt and Pink Out Game Gear (new shirt for 2022 season)

  • $10 – Spanks (Same spanks as 2021 season)

  • $40 – Competition Gifts (Competition Athletes Only)

  • $165 – Competition Fees (Competition Athletes Only - may change based on ICA Covid restrictions)

  • $70 – Cheer Shoes - Nfinity Rival 2 **These will be fitted and paid for on a different date TBA**

If you have any questions, please contact Jaime Pearson or any Board Member or email us at general@manhattanpatriots.com.