Kids First Corporation, NFP was created as a non for profit organization to provide youth football and cheerleading for children from this community and surrounding communities.
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Cheer Practice Schedule





Our First Patriot Cheer Competition

Sunday, October 2nd

Double Header Cheer Competition

Dundee Crown High School

Carpentersville, IL


Please come and support your fellow cheerleaders as they compete for the first time All Cheer! We are so proud of all the hard work they have put into these routines. Thank you to all the coaches for giving up your time and helping these girls accomplish what no other Patriots have done before! Can’t wait to see you girls!


                        Arrival Time           Performance Time

3rd gr                    9:45am                  11:12am

5th gr                             8:00am                      9:36am

8th gr                            11:30am                     1:36pm



Cheer Practice Schedule 10/4-10/6


Thursday:      5:30-6:30


Tuesday:        6:00-7:30 JH Gym     Competition

Wednesday:    5:30-7:00 JH Outside Competition

Thursday:      5:30-7:00 JH Outside All Cheer


Tuesday:        6:00-7:30 JH Gym     Competition

Wednesday:    5:30-7:00 JH Outside Competition

Thursday:      5:30-7:00 JH Outside All Cheer


Tuesday:       No Practice

Wednesday:    6:00-8:00 JH Gym (6-7) Commons (7-8) Competition

Thursday:      5:30-7:00 JH Outside All Cheer


Tuesday:       6:00-7:30 JH Commons

Wednesday:    6:00-8:00 JH Commons (6-7) Gym (7-8)

Thursday:      5:30-7:30 JH Outside






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